Music, Equipment, & Supplies


  • All students will keep music, method books, charts, and other materials in a folder or binder provided specifically for that purpose. The folder or binder is the property of the school and must be cared for as such.
  • When marking music, use only a pencil. Always have a pencil in your folder/binder. Never use ink to mark music.
  • All music must be marked with the student's name at the time it is handed out. Measure numbers must be marked on selected pieces within three days of it being handed out.
  • Students will be charged 25 per page for lost or damaged music.

Your Instrument

  • All students will receive instruction on proper care and maintenance of their instruments.
  • Students who do not follow proper care and maintenance procedures will lose participation points.
  • Parents will be notified when students are observed abusing their instruments.
  • All instruments MUST have a completed name tag attached to the case handle.
  • DO NOT try to do repairs yourself! Be mature enough to tell your parents when repairs are needed and then get the instrument to a shop.
  • If your instrument is in the shop, get a loaner from them. You only get five days per year of grace period for repairs.
  • Parents should consider adding the instrument to homeowner's insurance accounts. Also, companies which specialize in insuring band instruments are available. Ask the directors if you are interested.

School Instruments
  • Only students who have had a school instrument checked out to them may use one.
  • Students who play school instruments will be responsible to pay for damage to that instrument.
  • Percussionists must own marching snare sticks, concert snare sticks, bell mallets, medium xylophone mallets, and gig bag.
  • All instruments must have a completed name tag attached to the case handle.
  • Instruments must be kept in top playing condition.
  • Instruments which are being mishandled may be removed from the student's possession by the directors. Disciplinary action may be levied and the student is responsible for damage to the instrument.
  • If any school instrument is in need of repair, it must be brought to the directors' attention.
  • Students must still purchase their own supplies and are responsible for upkeep and maintenance charges.

       Students must always have the proper supplies with them. Failure to do so will result in loss of chair, loss of grade points, and contact between the directors and the parents. In addition to the binder, a pencil, a small mirror, a metronome, and a cleaning cloth, all students should have the supplies needed for each specific instrument as outlined in the next section.

The "Official" Equipment and Supplies List:
       Following is a list of required supplies and accessories as well as general specifications to be used in selecting instruments and a short list of approved brands and models for each instrument:

Flute - Open hole flute with tuning rod, plugs, pad savers, and cleaning cloth.
Recommended to own:

Yamaha YFL285

Clarinet - Wood (preferred) or intermediate composite clarinet, Vandoren 5RV Lyre or B45 mouthpiece, Luyben ligature, reed guard for 4 reeds, box of Miteluri medium (3) reeds, cork grease, cloth swab and/or pad savers, and cleaning cloth.

Recommended to own:
Buffet E11
Selmer Signet
Buffet B12 (composite - not as desirable)

Alto Saxophone - Intermediate model saxophone, Selmer S-80 C* or Meyer 5 mouthpiece, Rovner or standard ligature, reed guard for 4 reeds, box of La Voz medium reeds, cork grease, sax swab and/or pad saver, neck strap, and cleaning cloth.

Recommended to own:
Yamaha YAS53
Conn 24M
Yamaha YAS23 (most basic model - not as desirable)

Trumpet - With Bach 5B mouthpiece, bottle of valve oil, tuning slide grease, trumpet cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush, and cleaning cloth.

Recommended to own:
Bach TR300
Conn 1050 B / King 601
Yamaha YTR2335

Trombone -     With Bach 4G or 6 1/2 AL mouthpiece, slide cream kit w/ water atomizer, tuning slide grease, trombone cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush, and cleaning cloth.

Recommended to own:
Conn 22H / King 606
S-Series TB354
Yamaha YSL354

Percussion - Bell kit with practice pad, including case and stand for pad and bells. Also, a mallet bag with one-piece zipper which comes with SD-1 and 5A sticks and 3 rattan or birch handle mallets (medium yarn, phenolic, and medium rubber heads).
CB 8674 Kit
Pro-Mark DSB4 bag
Firth Sticks
Encore, Musser, or Balter Mallets

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