Items for Summer Band Practice, Posture, Horn Moves, Movement
Vocal Commands & Useful Marching Terms
Rehearsals (Structure, Etiquette, Learning Drill, Individual Responsibilities, etc.)

Vocal Commands

Vocal Sequence     
count 1            count 2            count 3            count 4            count 1
To The Ready         Spoken by the Drum Major - Get into TTR position very quickly

BAND            TEN                HUT                rest and                ("hit")
Parade Rest             BAND            PA - RADE    REST              rest and                ("hit")
Horns Up                 BAND            HORNS          UP                    rest and                ("hit"
Horns Down            BAND            HORNS          DOWN           rest and                ("hit"
Dress Right             DRESS            RIGHT            DRESS            rest and              ("hit")
Dress Left                DRESS           LEFT               DRESS            rest and              ("hit")
Dress Center           DRESS           CENTER         DRESS            rest and              ("hit")
Ready Front            READY                                  FRONT             rest and              ("hit")
Dress Point              DRESS           POINT             DRESS            rest and              ("hit")
Mark Time              MARK--TIME                       MARK            rest - up(&)              ("hit)
Forward (or Backward) March 
variation 1               FOR - WARD                          MARCH                          "&   one"
variation 2               ONE                 TWO              READY           MOVE    "&    one"
variation 3               READY                                   MOVE                             "&    one"
variation 4               FIVE                 SIX                SEVEN            EIGHT     "&    one"
Halt                          READY                                   HALT               "and                 close"
Relax                        Spoken by the Drum Major - Right foot stays in place. No Talking.
Fall Out                    Spoken by the Drum Major - Fall out for personal time

lower case italic is the smooth execution of the move plus freezing on count 1.
(text in parentheses means perform with a quick snap immediately)
text in quotation marks indicates a vocal response from the group

Useful Terms


Adjusted Step - moving from point A to point B with step sizes that are equal. One trick to getting this right is to visualize the halfway point and then be there by the time half the counts are over.
Alignment - the arrangement of two or more people in a form such that the form intersects their bodies in the same way.
Attendance Block - designated block used for attendance and marching exercises.
Back Field--the side of the field furthest from the audience.
Carriage- vertical position of instruments while at attention with bells flat to the ground.
Cover Down - correcting the alignment of the form front to back
Dot - individual set point that is placed between the arches of the feet closest to the heels.
Dress - 1) person or point of reference in which most or all of the members in the form must guide to.    2) the left to right alignment of a form.
Eight-to-five--eight equal sized steps between every two yard lines. The size of the step is 22 1/2 inches. This is the "normal" step size, but it will rarely be used in our show. It is merely a reference for the several possible sizes of adjusted step.
Follow The Leader - marching in the exact path with the same step sizes of the performer ahead of you.
Form - the contour of a line as it defines shape either alone or in combination with other lines.
            If you are "out of the form", your position on the field is inconsistent with those near you.
File - a row of marchers front to back (also called a row)
Front--the side of the field closest to the audience.
Hip Shift - on the move, changing the direction of the lower body while leaving the upper body facing the same direction.
Horn Angles - both the angles and directions that you point your horns.
Interval - amount of space between you and the marcher next to you.; measured in steps.
One More Time - alternative phrase for   "Let's do it again until we get it right!"
Phasing - timing errors due to feet moving at different speeds resulting in musical and visual ensemble problems.
Plane - a flat surface determined by a minimum of three points on the body.  Two of these points will usually be the shoulders.  The third point may be the instep of the foot, the center of the face, the left or right hip (when performing a slide), etc.
Rank - horizontal line of marchers left to right in a block.
Rehearsal Arc - a symmetrical half ellipse or half circle facing a designated focal point.
Ripple - any action done in a wave like fashion, primarily used in rehearsal arc.
Set - 1) same command as call to attention.      2) a chart of drill / set point. (see Dot)
Side One - from the audience perspective, it is the left side of the field.  Also Side "A"
Side Two - from the audience perspective, it is the right side of the field.  Also Side "B"
Spacing - putting an equal amount of distance between you and the others around you.     
Trail - marching with horns in the right hand at waist level.

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