Band Contract


  1. Since band is primarily a musical organization, the student must maintain playing quality on his or her instrument. The flag corps members must maintain agility and proficiency on her equipment.
  2. To be an active member of the extracurricular part of band each member must pass the required audition material and maintain a positive approach to the activity and progress in ability and grow in desire to create a positive organization.
  3. Participation in other activities is encouraged. If the other activities interfere with performances the students must cooperate to the sharing equally between these activities.
  4. Band students must abide by school regulations and school board policies besides band policies and regulations. The studentís deportment must be above reproach at all times.
  5. The playing ability will not be the only criterion by which grades are determined. The acceptance in the performing group is a privilege not a right. Grades are determined by Grading Policy as accepted by the School Board.
  6. Summer band begins the first Monday in August. Students who are interested in performing during football season must attend summer band. The first rehearsal will begin at 9:30am and instrument check out will begin at 8:30am.
  7. Band students are required to take proper care of uniforms, music and equipment. They are expected to follow the rules and regulations in the band handbook. The student is responsible for all equipment, private or belonging to the school, at all times. The school storage area is for convenience and does not relieve the student of their responsibilities. The school  assumes no responsibility for damages on school grounds or in transportation. Students must be responsible for placing their equipment in the assigned area when not in use.
  8. Promptness and regularity of attendance are two of the most potent factors in maintaining the high morale of band members and enhancing the performance of the participants. Promotion, credit, and recognition depend on these factors. Excessive tardiness and absenteeism will be cause for disciplinary action.
  9. The student named on this contract has my permission to attend band functions. The school also has my permission to transport him-her by bus or school van driven by responsible adult drivers. I understand that the school or its representatives are not responsible for any accidents that might occur. I give permission for the schoolís representatives to obtain medical assistance for my student at my cost if the occasion occurs.
  10.  I understand that the support of the family is paramount in a studentís education and the parent is responsible to attend all the local performances, if work permits. The active participation of the parent in the booster program is essential for the future of music education and the parent will assist as needed and requested.


Signed_______________________________________ (student)







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