Travel Policies


  1. The signing of the contract establishes permission to attend band functions. Without the parents signature on the contract the student will not be allowed to travel or perform with the band. The permission states:

The student named on this contract has my permission

 to attend band functions. The school also has my permission

 to transport him-her by bus or school van driven by

responsible adult drivers. I understand that the school or

 it representatives are not responsible for any accidents

that might occur. I give permission for the schools

representatives to obtain medical assistance for my student

 at my cost if the occasion occurs.

2.      Students will be expected to sign a bus seating chart before departure. Any student failing to sign the chart will be assigned a bus seat. Students are asked to be careful and safe. All district bus rules are to be followed.

  1. Uniforms are to placed in uniform bags. Extra clothes are not to be stored in uniform bags. Shoes do not ride in the uniform bag.
  2. The drum major will be in charge of the bus. The Drum Major will be responsible for calling roll and working with the chaperones to handle conduct problems. No bus should be permitted to leave a stop until roll is checked.
  3. While staying in a hotel or motel, students should be considerate of other occupants, especially at night. Rooms should be left neat and motel or hotel property should not be damaged. Telephone calls made by individuals in the band should not be charged to the room. Long distance calls should be made at a pay phone.
  4. Drinking or possession of  alcoholic beverages and possession or use of drugs or narcotics are not permitted while traveling with the band, or performing or practicing with the band, in or out of uniform.
  5. It should be noted that proper behavior is expected when on a school trip. Undignified conduct or reckless behavior may result in disciplinary suspension from band activities or dismissal from the band.
  6. For local parades, the band will meet at the band hall to change. The full band will be returned to the band hall by bus and dismissed after the bus and band hall are cleaned.
  7. The complete uniform should be worn at all times when in public.
  8. Horseplay, changing seats or whistling or screaming are not allowed in uniform or on the bus.
  9. All students will travel to and from every performance with the band, not in personal cars. Any student who needs to return with his/her parent after a performance will need to present a signed note, by both the parents and principal, before the band departs. Notes given after departure cannot be accepted.
  10. When wearing uniform no eating or drinking will be permitted except when designated by the director.
  11. Students are responsible for their own equipment and instruments. This include loading and unloading of the bus, truck, van, plane, boat, or trailer.
  12. Students are responsible for knowing the departure time and should be ready on time. Reporting time is 45 minutes before departure.
  13. Chaperones are to be obeyed and respected.
  14. Any illness or injury should be reported to the director immediately, no matter how unimportant it may seem.
  15. Upon arrival at the designation, students should remain seated until instructed to leave by the director.
  16. Students are expected to keep the bus clean and should avoid standing while the bus is in motion. Students should keep head, hands, arms, and comments inside the bus.
  17. Conduct of students in public eating places or motels should be subdued and courteous.
  18. Students may not leave their rooms after curfew or bed check.
  19. Students may not visit rooms occupied by the opposite sex without a chaperone.
  20. All students will sign a room roster prior to departure.
  21. Students may not change rooms without the permission of the director.
  22. Remember: while you are with the band or in uniform you represent yourself, your family, your band, your school, and your community.
  23. Here are some factors other than musicianship that not only have a great bearing on the studentís participation in band but the studentís future employment:

Obedience                                  Cleanliness

Courtesy                                    Honesty

Alertness                                    Effort

Self-control                                Attitude

                        Dependability                   Initative

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