How To Make An "A" In Band

It is very easy for every band student to make an "A" each grading period. This is a common concern for both students and parents since grades can affect a young person well into adult life. It is the philosophy of the band faculty that every band student should have the opportunity to excel in band class. Therefore, we have designed our grading system so that any student who adequately applies himself or herself will be able to make an "A" in band.
       In fact, just by consistently following a few very simple guidelines, students and parents will be assured of success. Not only will adhering to the following strategy guarantee academic success in band, but it will also establish the student's ability as a superior musician.

Here are the easy steps to "Making An 'A' In Band":

  • Attend school every day and be prepared and on time to band rehearsal.
  • Know and follow all guidelines in this handbook as well as all school rules.
  • Never do anything which will result in your being disciplined.
  • Practice correctly and at least 30 minutes daily for six days per week.
  • Make sure you are able to play correctly the music you have been assigned.
  • Attend all performances and outside-of-school rehearsals and be on time.