Guide to Proper Practice
for  Band Students

When to Practice

  • Stick to a daily routine that student, family, and friends will respect.

  • Approximately the same time every day in 20 - 60 minute intervals.

  • At a time when the student is mentally and physically alert.

  • At a time when there will be no distraction.

Where to Practice
  • In a place free from TV, phone, stereo, other people, etc. But during commercials is better than no practice!

  • In a place that the student can hear himself or herself play. 

  • In a place where the student feels comfortable.

  • A chair with a straight back and no arms. (For good posture.)

  • A music stand. (Also for good posture.)

  • A mirror. (To view hand, body, and embouchure position.)

  • A metronome. (To develop good rhythmic coordination.)

  • A cassette recorder. (To hear what you really sound like!)

What to Practice
  • Warm up materials - long tones, lip slurs, scales, etc. (Rest between selections equal to practice in warm up.)

  • Band music - method book, sheet music, etc.

  • Private lesson music - assigned by private teacher

  • Sightreading - use any music you can find

  • Student music - anything you like, but only after everything else is finished!