Band Grading Policy

1. Classroom participation will count as one-half point per day towards the grade point average. Credit will be given only for full participation with working instrument, music and active participation for the entire  instructional period.

2. Each week the student will be given the opportunity to master five (5) performance, oral, and or written tests. Each test will count as three (3) points towards grade point average. These tests will be administered during classroom instructional time. Mastery of the individual test will be required to receive credit for the test. Tests must be completed on time with only office excused absences, granted by board policy, allowing the student to have the opportunity to make up tests.

Outside of classroom participation

      1. Activities outside the classroom are not counted as an individual grade in the basic determination of the students grade average. Activities outside the classroom are considered extra-credit(extra-curricular). These activities may only increase the student's average and not to decrease the average.

2. Performance is a privilege, not a right. It is an addition to the classroom and, as extra curricular, the privilege to perform is at the discretion of the instructor - just like who plays in a game is up to the coach of the team. Performance decisions will be based on evaluation of the student meeting prerequisites required to perform. These prerequisites are:

A) Participation in all rehearsals in and out of the classroom in conjunction to the performance.

B) Individual performance of music and marching to the skill level determined by the instructor in accordance to the state and national standards and in accordance to the school curriculum guide. 

      C) Theoretical mastery of specified skills as determined by the instructor in accordance to the state and national standards and in accordance to the school curriculum guide. This is by yearly completion of Band       Try-out Tests. A score of 70% or higher is required to be able to participate in extra curricular performances. This test is required prior to extracurricular participation.

D) Conduct and appearance to be in accordance with school policy. Dress requirements that meet schoolbook policy. And, in full uniform if uniform is required, as approved by UIL regulations. Full uniform also means:

1) No jewelry in uniform

2) No excessive makeup (to protect uniforms)

3) Complete accessories: correct socks, shoes and gloves

4) Hair to meet uniform specifications with wearing under hats

3. Only performing students and assigned aides will be allowed to travel with the band to the performances.

4. Extra credit may be given for successful participation. This extra credit may be used in lieu of performance, oral, and or written weekly tests for that week's grading period. Some examples of allowable extra credit:

A) Successful extra practice may equal up to two tests.

B) Successful extra performance may equal three tests, one for the first half of the game, one for the half-time performance and one for the second half of the game.

C) Partial credit may be given for partial participation in extra credit work.

Example of Grade Progress

30 days of class in 6 weeks time at one-half credit equals 15 Points
15 points per week for 6 weeks equals 90 Points
Total available (without extra credit) 105 Points
(Note: school policy allows only "100" on report cards)

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