Band Boosters


Article I -
Article II - Purpose
Article III - Membership
Article IV - Meetings
Article V - Election of Officers
Article VI - Duties of Officers
Article VII - Executive Organization
Article VIII - Duties of Executive Organization
Article IX - Committees
Article X - Financial Activities
Article XI - Amendment to Constitution
Article XII - Emergency Procedures
Article XIII - Dissolution

Article I The Name

The name of this organization shall be "The Buffalo Band Boosters." It shall be a non-profit organization as duly filed.

Article II The Purpose

Section 1
To support the goals and objectives of the band program.

Section 2
To assist the director, the staff, and the students with administrative and logistical support when requested.

Section 3
To help promote a positive image of the band program throughout the community.

Section 4
To provide financial support for the band.

Section 5
To foster communications between the band director, band parents and band students.

Section 6
To foster a feeling of parental involvement and support between parent and student.
Section 7
To promote the interests and activities of all band musicians in the Buffalo ISD band program.

Section 8
To organize the activities of the parents of students in the Instrumental Music Department of Buffalo ISD, when the activities are for the purpose of providing either financial or physical assistance to any program specifically involving the Instrumental Music Department. The activity or activities are to be agreed upon by a majority of the members in attendance at the regular meeting of the Buffalo Band Boosters, when the activity or activities are presented for approval.

Article III Membership

Section 1
The membership is open to anyone who is interested in the music program in Buffalo BEEN. Membership is to run yearly.
Section 2
Members who are parents of band members will have voting rights and will be eligible to hold office.

Section 3
All others will be classified as honorary members and will be entitled to voice participation, but cannot vote or hold elective office in this organization.

Article IV Meeting

Section 1
The last Tuesday night of each month shall be the meeting night unless changed by the Executive Committee.

Section 2
At the meetings of the organization, those voting members present shall constitute a quorum.

Article V Election of Officers

Section 1
The elected officers are : President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Class Trustees, which are elected yearly.

Section 2
No Officer shall hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive years.

Section 3
The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee in February, consisting of three (3) voting members to contact nominated officers for the coming year. Nominations from the floor shall be accepted. Nominees shall be parents of band members enrolled in band in the following year. The accepted nominations shall be presented to the membership in the March meeting.

Section 4
The officers shall be elected in the April meeting by written ballot prepared by the Nominating Committee. The Officers shall assume their duties in the May meeting.

Section 5
In the event an officer cannot fulfill a term of office, the President, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, shall appoint a replacement to complete the year. In the event the needed officer is the President, the representative of the Superintendent shall, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, shall appoint the replacement President.

Article VI - Duties of the Officers

Section 1
The President shall discharge the duties normally associated with that office and serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 2
The Vice-President shall perform all designated duties and all duties of the President in his or her absence.

Section 3
The Secretary shall record the minutes of each regular meeting, and shall perform such other duties as pertain to the office. Minutes of the Excitative Committee shall be recorded by the Secretary and read at the regular meeting.

Section 4
The Treasurer shall collect all money and pay all authorized bills. All checks will require the signature of the Treasurer and the President or Vice-President. A Treasurer's report will be read at each general meeting. The records of the Treasurer shall be open at all times for inspection by any member of the organization. At the termination of the term of office or annually, all funds of the organization shall be turned over to the Treasurer's successor and the books shall have been audited by an outside auditor.